#1 A walk in the park with Safia
June 11, 2017

Hi there!

As the start of my cycling journey approaches (35 days), I am preparing for what will be a new life on the road. Currently, I am spending an unhealthy amount of time reading cycling blogs/forums, I am discovering the existence of sand-resistant gear systems- they do exist -, and I’m preparing the necessary visa applications … and cycling of course! :).

More interestingly, I met Safia Taboudrart​, a young blogger who makes videos for Brussely​, an interactive media platform created by – and also for – people from different backgrounds who want to discover, film, or express themselves, with Brussels as a central theme/location.

Safia asked me to talk about my upcoming journey, and about the people of WoMena​ and Blik op Afrika, to whom I dedicate the entire journey.
You can watch the result here:

*note: you can change the subtitles by clicking on the    icon.

Thank you Safia and thank you brussely! You can check out more videos of Brussely on their fb page!


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